ज्यादा पूछे जाने वाले सवाल

ज्यादा पूछे जाने वाले सवाल

What is an LED ?

LEDs are diodes, which is a semiconductor device that will conduct electricity in only one direction. The device is fabricated from layers of silicon and seeded with atoms of phosphorus, germanium, arsenic or other rare-earth elements. The layers of the device are called the die and the junction between the materials is where the light is generated. The electricity enters from one side of the die and exits out the other. As the current passes through the LED device, the materials that makes up the junction react and light is emitted. Different materials and designs have different colored lights and intensities. LEDs are now bright enough to be considered for applications that traditionally use incandescent bulbs.

How is LED better than Incandascent Bulb or CFL ?

Below table briefly describe how LED lights are better than Incandescent or CFL lamps

Incandascent CFL LED
Real power used (watts) 60 14 9.5
lumens/watt 14.3 55.4 84
Color Temperature kelvin 2700 2700 2700
Lifespan (hours) 1000 10000 25000
Bulb lifetime in years @ 6 hours/day 0.46 4.6 11.4
Energy cost over 20 years Very high High Low
Total cost over 20 years Very high High Low


How to check the availability of kb kit 45 in your area?

Go to the product section and enter your pincode to check the availability of product at your place.

How will I get my Gramlite kit ?

Once the order is placed and confirmed, you will receive the GramliteTM Kit or other supplies within 7 working days through courier to you shipping address.

what is the warranty of bulbs?

We at gramlite give 2 year warranty on our 9 watt bulb.

Why Gramlite Khud Banao Kit is set for Rs 3100 ? And how our product is better than others.

Gramlite khud bnao 45 kit costs include 12% GST and shipping charges, as the product includes both GST charges and shipping charges.

Can I sell the bulbs made by me in Gramlite Khud Banao Kit ?

No, the bulbs made by you through the learning Gramlite Khud Banao Kit can be sold.

How many times I can give the exam ?

You can give the exam till you as many times you want till you become successful to get the certificate.

Do I get the Gramlite Khud Banao Bulb raw material if I don’t cleat the exam?

No. To order and get the Gramlite Khud Banao Bulb raw material you will have to get certified.

What is Gramlite TM Entrepreneur Programme ?

GramliteTM entrepreneur progrramme is a self sustaining livelihood programemme where  skills  developed through the Gramlite DIY kit are made to use to manufacture Gramlite LED lighting solutions. Under this programe any interested  person with an investment capacity  is given the complete knowledge to setup to manufacture Gramlite products and sell it to consumers.