ग्रामलाईट उद्यमी कार्यक्रम

 Gramlite Learning and Certification Program (GLCP)

Become Entrepreneur, Be a Job Creator not Job seeker !

LED products manufacturing process is not only easy but also profitable to! India is seeing a huge demand in coming months and years in terms of LED products. Government, Private and Public at large is looking a LED as a cost saving and energy conservation tool! Be a part of revolution. Grow the movement “Har Ghar Ujala”

Gramlite has envisioned to develop “Village Level Assembly Units” for LED Products. These assembly units shall be provided with technology, know how and branding to develop and emerge as a True Village Entrepreneur developing LED Products not only for current but for future requirement also. The enterpenurer once developed can develop several other products which are needed in villages in future. This is the true vision and Gramlite Movement for Employment, Conservation and self sustainability leading to stable tomorrow

सीखो | कमाओ | बढ़ो

Gramlite Entrepreneur Program how to



Setting Manufacturing Unit

BIS Registration

Marketing & Support

Team Selection Process:

  The team will be made up of local villagers with basic graduate education. With one person who is skilled in light electrical works, up to three to four support to handle all logistics and packaging operations.

  One to one interviews with candidates and quantative tests to understand their vision and test their loyalty, sincerity as well as their needs.

  Specific preference to be given to Handicaps, Underprivileged, Retired Armed Forces and EWS people