How Can Led Lights have an Effect on One’s Mood?

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How Can Led Lights have an Effect on One’s Mood?

How many of you reading this blog already know that lights can majorly impact your mood? Maybe you have noticed at times how relaxing you have felt while sitting in a calm room with dim lights on. A bright sunny day seems to be more cheerful for us than a dark and cloudy day. Bright flashlights may seem too strong for our senses while a room filled with fairy lights may seem calming to you. This clearly indicates how lighting conditions play an important role in how you feel.

There have been a number of researches clearly highlighting the fact that indoor lighting conditions have a great impact on the moods of humans. This is the reason why lighting solutions are such designed that perfectly suit the ambience of the area, indoor or outdoor doesn’t matter. When installing the lighting systems, you can configure them with rapid on-off switching and varying wavelengths, or colors, and temperatures as well that can be controlled accurately to bring out variations in the lightings, thus enabling you the power to change the lighting conditions as per your mood. You can ask for the control systems for the LED lights that you install in your home to gain flexibility for setting up or reconfigurating as required.

Do you know how advantageous LED lights can be? It can be used for the generation of wavelengths that have shown to improve productivity while increasing a person’s awareness levels. Scientists have studied the biofeedback that has clearly shown how our eyes are susceptible to blue light in particular. This is why doctors recommend that people who have issues with falling asleep need to  avoid strong lighting conditions, particularly blue light, that are usually reflected from smartphones and computer monitors. You may have often encountered discomfort in the eyes after prolonged duration of exposure to smartphones or computer screens and now you know the reason behind the irritation- the culprit is the blue light that these devices emit.

Now let’s delve a little deeper into the scientific facts of the blue light. These lights are known to suppress the production of melatonin in an individual’s brain. This melatonin is nothing but the sleep hormone, so you can well understand why it seems to be difficult for you to sleep while you are still on the phone, glancing with wide eyes. On the contrary, if you are in the need to stay wide awake then you can actually increase the wavelengths of blue lights in your room. When you want to sleep, you will have to reduce these blue light wavelengths and create a relaxing ambience. In fact, scientists from NASA have had a great reliance on this theory of light-and sleep-interaction and have worked on changing the ambient lighting conditions while the astronauts are on missions so that they can get proper sleep even while they are in space.

Not just scientists, but healthcare researchers have also suggested the usage of LED lights in the treatment of a number of psychological disorders including depression. Blue lights not only increase melatonin hormone, but some wavelengths of lights have shown an increase of the levels of serotonin in the human body. When patients with depression are treated with pharmaceutical drugs they are given  Selective Serotonin Uptake Reinhibitors commonly known as SSRI’s, and these help in combating depression with the prevention of the metabolization of seratonin in the body. One study has also clearly proven that the exposure of specific lights is effective for the maintenance and improvement of the levels of serotonin in the body, quite similar to the effect produced by the drugs- SSRI.  This is a big conclusion that can be drawn to prove the efficacy of LED lights, specifically blue lights in particular, in mood enhancement of human beings.

Researches are still on the way by engineers working on LED lights to find out advanced lighting systems that can directly work on the improvement of the mood as well as the health of human beings. And it can well be said that with technological advancements fastly coming up these days, we can have lighting solutions that can be remotely controlled to offer mood enhancements in the near future itself.

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