Making a progressive India with sustainable and eco-friendly resources

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Making a progressive India with sustainable and eco-friendly resources

The progress of a country does not only depend upon its economy, it also depends upon the environmental scenario and dependence on sustainable resources of energy to assure continued access to these for the coming generations as well. Keeping this in mind, Gramlite works towards creating a progressive India that has the capability of conserving energy while providing lighting solutions to cover up the majority of the rural areas.


The government is always trying its best to reach out with electricity to all the villages and with the help of Gramlite, the villagers can themselves contribute their bit by adopting LED lights that are far more energy-efficient and sustainable for usage.


Under the conception of Gramlite, every individual will be able to learn and develop the skill of making LED lamps on their own. These self-developed LED lamps can be used in the form of tube lights, bulbs, street lights, and flashlights to power up rural India and promote the concept of sustainable electricity to every single household.


For the promotion of their products, Gramlite has set up schemes for new entrepreneurs across the country and has extended their support for raw material supply and training for self-units of production. Here’s a brief picture of Gramlite’s contribution towards a progressive and sustainable economy:


Gramlite Manufacturing Unit (GMU):

a) (2-3) People)/Mudra Scheme: Tarun: Daily capacity 100 Bulbs: (Budget: Rs.55000)
Under this scheme, entrepreneurs will get a kit of 400 LED Bulbs for manufacturing. A manpower of 2-3 people will be sufficient for this. The company will be training about the technologies, and supply the entrepreneurs with raw materials, packaging materials and also aid in the marketing process. The Basic unit consists of a package of manufacturing line with the necessary test equipment & tools, the required onsite training and the raw materials for 200 LED bulbs as a starter kit.


Here are a few more things that you need to know

b) Additional Bulb Raw Material would be available at Rs 48+GST+Freight MOQ – 5000 Units

c) The MRP of the Product is Rs 185, MOP is Rs 110-125, Dealer Price: Rs 85

d) The Manufacturing price is Rs 50 (Rs 2 processing cost)

e) The markets for these bulbs are created through Local, Government, GEM Portal and Tenders.

Do you want to go further as an entrepreneur with Gramlite? In that case, you must be wanting to know what you will have to do?

If you want to setup an Assembly unit and become an Entrepreneur you will need:

1. Passion and a keen desire to work towards becoming an entrepreneur

2. Space for manufacturing and a table ( 4×2 feet)

3. A bank account and GST number

5. A budget for the project

6. You can apply for the Mudra Scheme at your nearest bank

7. You will have to apply for the Gramlite Approval

8. Next you would need to get the Training and Certificate from Gramlite

9. You can use your fund or get access to the Mudra fund from a Government / PSU Bank

10. Then, you will have to order the Unit from Gramlite

11. And there you are ready to start with your project


All the above steps indicate that it is a very simple process to get started with Gramlite and become an entrepreneur. All you will need is the dedication towards rural empowerment and a strive for sustainable development of the country’s economy. No huge investments are required to start up your project with Gramlite. And the training provided by the experts in their team is such that you are able to become self-sufficient with your income resources. 


Providing sustainable income options is not the only motto of Gramlite. It also works towards providing electrical solutions that are eco-friendly while uplifting the rural employment scenario. This is definitely what makes India Atmanirbhar looks like. So if you are interested to know more about the schemes from Gramlite, you should get in touch with their consultants at the earliest by logging on to their website or call directly @ 0124-4202-457 / 08045476222. And you would surely be benefited from the consultation and become a proud entrepreneur doing your bit for the progress of the country.

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