Mechanism behind the working of emergency LED bulbs

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Mechanism behind the working of emergency LED bulbs

Power cuts of long duration can be highly frustrating and can hamper a lot of work in your daily life. The amount of loss that a single minute of power cut in the commercial areas can lead to is huge, specially for production units and therefore it is very important to ensure adequate supply of power in commercial areas as well as those of residential areas. In case of residential areas, power cut in hot and humid weather can lead to uncomfortable sweat and heat, and if it occurs in the night time, then disruption in the activities can occur due to the absence of light. It becomes difficult to study or do any household work in the dark and the saviour for such a situation can be an emergency LED light. We are thankful to this great advancement in electrical devices that offer continuous sources of light even in the absence of constant power supply and people in the rural as well as urban areas can enjoy the benefits of emergency LED bulbs.


There are a number of companies that have designed emergency LED bulbs and you can find a range of similar products in the market that you can choose according to the price range that fits your budget. Make sure that you go for a brand that you can rely on without having to burn a hole in your pocket and you can easily deal with power cuts. In general, an emergency bulb gives a battery backup of upto 4 hours at a stretch, once fully charged, and this is a sufficient amount of time to complete all your tasks without having to wait for the electricity supply to resume. If you keep the emergency LED bulb plugged on to the source of electric current, then it can automatically switch itself on when there is a power cut, and switch off and get back to charging once normal flow of electricity resumes. So, this surely is a convenient option of having a backup of light in case of minor electricity disruption.


This is a very affordable and convenient option for rural areas specially, where the frequency of power outages is more in comparison to that of the urban areas. Also, rural areas are the ones that do not have the resources for advanced power backup solutions like inverters and generators, and emergency LED bulbs are the main heroes over there. These can be easily fitted in corridors, rooms or garages. These are energy efficient and can easily act as backup sources of light for a considerable amount of time depending on the frequency of usage.


Wondering how the emergency bulbs work? Then you should keep on reading further.


Emergency LED bulbs come with internal batteries that can charge themselves when connected to a steady power supply. No sooner is the electricity disconnected, than the bulb is backed with a wide voltage that springs into action and lights up the areas where it is fitted.


Now, it’s important for you to understand the benefits of using an emergency LED bulb.


  • These usually come with the battery life of around 25000 hours, so you can well understand how durable these are.
  • These batteries require not more than 5 to 6 hours to fully charge themselves up.
  • These do not flicker and switch on instantly.
  • These are very easy to operate and do not require any high maintenance, therefore you can understand the convenience of usage that these offer.
  • Not to forget these are energy-efficient as well.
  • Emergency LED bulbs offer a power backup of upto 4 to 5 hours.
  • The bulbs are very affordable.
  • The emergency bulbs can be installed very fast.


So, you can clearly understand how useful the emergency LED bulbs can be for your homes without you having to spend huge amounts of money on expensive power backup systems. This is a one time investment because once you purchase an emergency LED bulb it is going to last for at least 6 to 7 years with proper usage and careful storage. You can easily get a demonstration of these bulbs when you go to purchase them and this will help you to understand how easy the mechanism of an emergency LED bulb is for day to day usage as a power backup system for lights.

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