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Solar Home Lightning System – 100W

7,500.00 Excluding GST

  • 35W Solar Panel
  • Inverter with Li battery 1000W
  • 2 x 5W LED Bulb
  • 1 x 12W DC Table Fan
  • 1 Mobile Charger

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Gramlite is providing LED products and business to rural areas and villagers. Home lightning system is one of the best-selling products. Solar lightning system is full package designed for any house with basic electronic items required.

Solar home lightning system is best solar lights for home purpose. These lights harness the sun’s energy to illuminate your home and power your small appliances. With benefits that reach both to your wallet and to the environment.

Solar light for house is not just a ‘brilliant’ idea; but it’s a ‘responsibility’ also to providing illumination power from the sun’. The solar cells within the system convert the sun’s energy on to electricity. This electricity is stored within the solar array and used for lightning whenever required.

Gramlite presents mini home lightning system for villages where there’s no power. It comes with 35W solar panel, Inverter with Li battery, mobile charger, a couple of 5 watt bulb and a 12w DC table fan. SHLS 10o watt system may be a good system priced in very low cost.  it’s highly specs product with low prices compared to other brands.

Home lightning system is compact, portable and simply mountable, economical solution to all or any your power problems with easy-to-install kit.  Similarly, the worth of home solar lights are adorable.

Key Points:

  • High and Low Power Solar stand Alone Solution 100W
  • Each system has LED Bulb,DC Fan, Solar Panel, Mobile Charger, Inverter with Li battery 1000W
  • High Quality solution with complete hand holding
  • DIY Model (just connect and install)
  • Ideal for House-Holds,Remote areas ,farm houses etc