Manufacturing Led Bulbs At Home

Start Your Own Business By Manufacturing Led Bulbs At Home

Most people have the opinion that to start a business of their own they will have to make a huge investment initially. But it is not like this always. There are a number of small business ideas that require very less investment amount to start with. And this is why Gramlite has also stepped in with a business idea of their own. The concept of Gramlite, as an entrepreneurial venture is to make rural India sustainable and provide better income opportunities for them. LED making kits are what they have as a business idea to offer to people in rural India to make them economically independent while also promoting a sustainable ecosystem.

Let’s start with the very first question- What would be the initial investment amount required to start up a business of making LED lights?

Huge investment is the last thing that you would require. An investment of something as low as ten thousand rupees would be more than sufficient to start with. You can invest a higher amount depending on the setup and machineries that you may require further.

Then comes the support for the setting up of the plant.

With Gramlite as your aid, you will be able to get the required support for setting up an individual business unit for yourself. A Gramlite executive will get in touch with you, upon request, and provide you with the necessary training for the setting up of the manufacturing of the LED units. You do not require a lavish area to set up the manufacturing unit. All you need is a minimum spacious area to set up a table and the manufacturing kit and start producing the LED lights.

You might speculate on the fact whether the business of manufacturing LED lights would be beneficial in the long run or not.

The most important thing that you should remember in today’s time is that given the rising demand for electricity and the fast perishing of the non-renewable resources of energy, there has been increased stress on the utilisation of sustainable resources and LED lights came a long way in paving the way for the much required sustainability. LED lights designed by Gramlite are efficient enough to save on power consumption and can well replace fluorescent or incandescent or CFL or halogen lights. The users will be able to notice a reduction in the consumption of energy by 50% to 80% and this is why with the passing days the popularity of LED bulbs are increasing. And with this it can be well understood that the market for the demand for LED bulbs are also huge. And starting a business of manufacturing of the same can indeed be a profitable venture.

Why are more and more people switching to LED bulbs?

LED bulbs have a number of benefits associated with the usage of them which are listed below:


  • You will be able to see a reduction in your electricity bill because LED bulbs consume less power in comparison to ordinary bulbs.
  • These bulbs are also known to produce less heat in comparison to the ordinary bulbs therefore ensuring a cooler interior.
  • The main reason that makes LED bulbs more sustainable is the fact that they have a longer life span that are far more than that of ordinary bulbs and therefore these are cost efficient in the longer run.
  • LED bulbs are also recyclable in nature therefore adding one more point to the sustainable nature of these.


Switching to LED bulbs from the normal bulbs enable consumers to save up to 50% in the form of their electricity bill, and therefore, there is an increased demand of these bulbs in the market. So you can well understand how profitable your business venture would be if you start out with the work of manufacturing LED bulbs and this is where Gramlite acts as the mediator by bringing the required raw materials for the production of the same in the form of LED manufacturing kits delivered right to your doorstep for you to start up a venture of your own. Therefore while you become economically independent, you will also be doing your bit to offer a sustainable future for the country and the growth of the economy as a whole.

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